We are now aware of the true extent of the damage caused by waste, single use plastic; enough plastic bags are thrown away to circle the earth four times. Animals die from eating waste plastic - 100,000 mammals and 1,000,000 birds are killed this way every year.  


Green Jiva is working with an eco-social project which has set up an incredible system of gathering discarded waste plastic carrier bags in rural India. These waste plastic bags are cleaned and hand-woven into totes, bags and other accessories.  

Complete with metal zips and fabulous glitter designs, these exclusive bags are individually designed and no two are the same. Due to the nature of the collection and recycling process, there can be no guarantee as to their colour or design. Each bag is exclusive in its own right; if we have any sets made in the same colour and design, we will keep them together and advise you to snap them up! You may not see them ever again!


These bags are sold at festivals and other events, as a result its very difficult to keep the website updated with current stock. If you are interested in something particular please leave us a message and we can update accordingly or even send you a pic of our latest stock and new arrivals.