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Vivace 50ml. Eau De Parfum

Vivace 50ml. Eau De Parfum

Vivace - A vibrant gents beautiful fresh fragrance using the finest natural essential oils, such as bergamot, lemon, orange and lime blended perfectly into fresh lavender and seductive oak moss with vanilla, tonka bean, agarwood and rose giving an intriging twist we're sure you'll love. Together with our ambergris accord giving it a refined masculine edge. An intriging rare gents fragrance to enjoy for any special occasion.

You won't find anything like this on the high street.

Just to give you an idea of the style if you're not familiar , Vivace has elements of Creed's Bois Du Portugal regarding the freshness but then we went a lot further adding vanilla, tonka bean, oak moss, agarwood to give it an adorable unique style.

Top notes: Bergamot

Middle notes: Fresh meadow citrus, lavender

Base notes: Vanilla, tonka bean, oak moss sandalwood, warming agarwood, ambergris

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